To Do :

Of course!!!  To-Do Lists!

That’ll sort me out…!

Not just one list (that would be silly) but several.

Number One To-Do List is the one where the things on it are ABSOLUTELY URGENT.  Like, write that report that was due yesterday, post the expense claims (cos we’re always broke without them), mop the red wine from last night off the carpet…

Number Two is the one with things that need to get done BEFORE SUNDAY.  Wash clothes (that are appropriate as “Good-Christian-Girl-On-A-Mission-Team-In-A-Sunny-Country” attire), iron clothes, pack clothes etc etc…

Number Three: for the near future, things that if left undone you may lose your job (which might not be so bad, as then you might actually finish a to-do list or two…).  For example, contact that student you were meant to chat to (ENTER sub-to-do list ‘3b’: all the things you said you’d do just to shut him up and let you enjoy your coffee in peace), reply to that nice minister who wants you to come and tell his church all about your work, or tell your boss what you’ve been up to for the past three months for which he hasn’t received a time sheet…

To-Do List Number Four: The things you will do in the abundance of time when there are no students around, like read books, reply to 6 week old ‘urgent’ emails, sit down…

To-Do List Number Five consists of all the things you’d like/need to do in your spare time such as pack up two years’ worth of guff to ship off to a different (as yet undisclosed) location (sub-list 5b: Find a house to ship guff off to), get your hair cut and eyebrows waxed, write a blog about Worship…

You get the idea…

Eventually you end up at To-Do List Number Seven Hundred and Forty Three which – regardless of whether there actually are 742 preceding lists or not (#743b Count To-Do Lists) – will, let’s face it, never reach the heady heights of the recycling bin.  It’ll never actually get done.  For example… be more organised, get fit, clear out the filing cabinet, defrost the freezer, finish the To-Do Lists…


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