A Paris

Tonight je suis allée ‘boire un coup’ on the Pont des Artsà Paris!  It was a bit classier than drinking on street corners… But only just…!  I love travelling, what an incredible experience to se promener at night with people who are fast becoming friends even after only 4 days.  Okay, we might never see each other ever again on earth (a realist of a dreamer, moi), but it’ll be cool in eternity to be like : “aww, remember that night on the Pont Des Arts à Paris?”…

c’est trop cool… 😀


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2 responses to “A Paris

  1. MG

    Hey, small corner. Hope you’re keeping well!

  2. Sarah Mooney

    Sounds fab – glad you have enjoyed it. See you soon, ma amie francaise xo

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