Yesterday I learnt that joy is pink.  Now, we’re talking liturgical colours here.  I actually have no idea what that really means and I don’t want to google it just yet. 

I love that.  I want to write a song about that, or paint a picture of that or something! Joy is pink.  I want to roll it around on my tongue for a while, make it my pillow, paint it on the soles of my feet…

If joy is pink, I reckon hope might be blue, you know, like sky-on-a-sunny-spring-day blue.  Or sometimes soft, baby blue, like soft, baby pink… only blue.  But sometimes deep, deep navy – where its only really a tiny shade away from blackness. 

Despair is black.  Loneliness is white. 

Community, however, might be yellow.  Or maybe that’s love.  But then, they’re sewn together, aren’t they?  Maybe with a fine green thread.  I don’t think love is red, but maybe I just don’t see it yet.

But joy is definately pink.


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4 responses to “Pink

  1. I would say connoctations of colours aren’t always BLACK and WHITE although envy must always be green.


  2. sarah

    Joy can’t be pink!! It’d clash with my hair… I can’t clash with joy…!

  3. meinmysmallcorner

    I’m sorry, but the joy is pink thing wasn’t actually my choice! I just liked it. Hmmm… clashing… Maybe joy is freedom from worrying about the clash? After all, YOU won’t have to look at it!!! 😉

    I disagree Kicker! Envy is a much more subtle colour than green… a muddy maroony colour peut-etre??

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. Hope you do write a song or paint about it… would love to see/hear the results

    Wanna meet up sometime over the summer?

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