So, welcome!

Here I am on a shiny WordPress blog.  I originally came for the stats.  Egotistical, right?

But anyway…

My Small Corner has been an interesting journey (at least for me).  I’ve enjoyed the chance to think ‘out loud’ and share parts of my heart with the wider (if electronic) world and have people comment and share their own thoughts.

I’ve been remonstrated on several occasions for claiming to be an un-intellectual and so I thought it was about time I clarified my hopes for this little corner.  

I am not your typical book-ish thinker that one generally pictures when one hears the term ‘an intellectual’.  I’ve spent more time over the years reading Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, Dee Henderson (!!!) than Descartes, Volf, Keats…  I’d rather scribble about my own and other people’s thoughts and emotions than struggle to understand politics, apply history or explain the philosophy of mathmatics – the things one might typically link with ‘an intellectual’.  These things I do not diminish neither in import nor interest; rather my path at least for now is a different one.

I think, I question, I ponder, I feel… I write.

And I’m loving it – this journey of greater discovery of life in all its fullness and how it looks to me in my small corner. 


So, again, welcome…  Let me know who you are and where you come from!

One response to “Welcome

  1. debbierea

    Hi R, you know I love your blog so I have nominated you for a lovely blog award, check it out here: http://debbiereajohnston.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/lovely-bloggers/

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