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Mark Driscoll is a bully..

… according to this blog : (Rachel Held Evans)

Man.  When reading the different things she links to, I started out boiling with rage, then moved to incredulous laughter (is this guy for real???) and then sadness.  *sigh*  Its scary that we can get things so, so wrong…

Lord, have mercy.

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My life as written by someone else

Ever feel like someone has read your mind and published it on the internet????


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Gratuitous post

Its been a while.

I’ve been visiting my wp dashboard (read: stats) regularly and inwardly bemoaning my lack of writing of late.  It makes me a little sad, as I really do enjoy the old blogosphere.  I guess I’ve been hit by a kind of blog-block – a lot of things crossing my mind to write about, but never quite discovering the time to write.

So, here I find myself scribbling a quick hello to my faithful reader(s??) – realising that perhaps its because I was too lazy to search through the too-slow-for-words on screen tv guide on my digibox, thus resorting to switching the tellybox off that indicates that facebook is not the only stealer of my life and time, but rather the tv.  Hmmm… AND I don’t even like it that much!

Life to the fool…

There are, I suppose, many things going on for me in my small corner – plenty to be keeping the wee head ticking over.  Like, I spent some time this term thinking about biblical inspiration and interpretation.  I thought about blogging about it, but figured my regurgitation of the scholarship of others may not exactly be all that riveting.  But perhaps some sort of summary of my findings or my journey might be helpful to me and… er… well, interesting for you (if you’re into that sort of thing!).

I’ve enjoyed hearing some stuff about the Incarnation; I’ve been surprised by some teaching on self-esteem I thought I was going to hate;  I’ve had to distill some of my thoughts on singleness in order to try and ‘teach’ some stuff to recent graduates; and I’ve embarked on a voyage of 100% support-raising to go work with a church in France…  All in all, yes… there’ve been some big things going on.  AND my friend cut me a fringe.

Its all go over here.

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Blogging Curtailed: Good news, bad news.

When I was younger (so much younger than today), I wasn’t much into fads and hobbies.  My mother’s distaste for anything that encouraged consumerism (eg plastic dummies, Barbies, psychedelic bracelets made out of laces…) meant that I was never so fortunate to be bought every new fangled object of primary school desire.  However, the closest I got to fad indulgence was that for several years one of my Christmas presents was the ‘Big Comic’ Annual.  Lots of comic strip reading for the discerning younger reader.  Contained within included Desperate Dan, Minnie the Minx and the like.  One type of which always stuck in my head: Good news, bad news.

So, here, for your entertainment in these rainy summer months is my recent Good news, bad news…

Good news – Small Corner had a lovely time in the Republic.  Good times were had involving ‘grape juice’, a sofa, a movie.

Bad news – my laptop wanted to join in the fun but he and ‘grape juice’ didn’t get along too well.

Good news – I’d been smart enough to know that I’m dumb enough that something like this might happen, so have been paying insurance for donkeys.

Bad news – Bought the laptop off PC World and their customer service is sh*te so laptop’s departure for the fixing place has been delayed by nearly three weeks.

Good news – I’m a little less addicted to the multi-tasking tv and surfing.  My wrists are recovering from the RSI.

Bad news – Blogging curtailed.

Good news – my housemate and her pretty macbook got home from camp on Saturday so am being kept in the online fashion with which I am accustomed.

Bad news – I REALLY REALLY want a Mac.

Good news – I can’t afford a Mac just now so won’t be sacrificing my soul to the spirits of astheticism just yet.

Bad news – I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Mac.

Good news – I get to use Housemate’s so that when… er… if I ever buy one, the transition will be less taxing.

Your Correspondant, wishing she’d thought of this way of signing off before Zoomtard did.

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Read me.

Don’t wanna give this guy a big head, but… I like him 🙂

Or at least this.

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YOUR part in MY Part in the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ of Discipleship

Okay, so a while ago I posted about discipleship asking a bunch of questions and got really very little response…  I actually WOULD appreciate some input from people about this, so at risk of appearing needy, I am posting again!

The crux of it is the following…

Discipleship.  Are there methods to the madness?  What are those ‘difficult questions’ that so many claim they need to be asked?  What does ‘being intentional’ really look like?  Okay, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, but surely there must be some principles somewhere to work from?

Really my question is this: If true change is brought about by the Holy Spirit, how do I BEST play my part in facilitating that work?  Any suggestions?

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Why I love the Blogosphere (and think Jesus does, too)

Blogging, when it is done well, delights me in many different ways.  Just today my blog surfer spewed up fellow-bloggers’ musings on church and government, the memories of a bike and a story about a box of incontinence pads.

Blogging, when it is done well, can be as engaging as a movie thriller, as enthralling as a book you just can’t put down and because it is real life from real people is often incomprehensibly fulfiiling, raw and beautiful…

Blogging, when it is done well, can breathe love, joy, freedom, peace, friendship, vision, hope… Life.

Blogging gives me insight into the beautful minds of others that I wouldn’t ordinarily get.

I might be a geek, but I love it.

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