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I used to have a teddy bear
When I was just a girl:
He had a pair of dark brown eyes
And sandy coloured fur.

His ears were big and floppy,
His belly soft and round;
Wherever I was playing,
This teddy could be found.

I took him out on picnics,
I took him to the fair,
I took him everywhere I went
And sometimes left him there.


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Revelation was a book I always avoided. Some people read it for ‘fun’, or when they’re bored in church, while others are fascinated with trying to work it out and second guess what’s going to happen before, during and after Jesus comes back. I, however, usually take the “sit-huddled-in-a-corner-with-your-eyes-shut-tight-and-fingers-in-your-ears-singing-a-nice-wee-song” approach. Very mature.

Seriously though, all the dragon and beast stuff is hardly light bedtime reading material. I mean, obviously I was never in denial that Jesus is coming and that it’ll be mind-blowingly incomprehensible when it happens, but I was always content to just trust that God knows best and it’d be okay in the end anyway. But for some reason, I just took a notion to read the book in its entirety.

And you know what? It wasn’t that bad!

I mean, its all still very weird and a little ugly in parts, but instead of the expected sense of fear, I experienced hope. Okay, okay – so Jesus has got me covered and so I’ve nothing to worry about in the judgement bit and so that should always have instilled hope – but I mean apart from that. Its like, bit by bit, John’s vision shows God dealing with all the guff that messes up creation; it shows the restoration of all things to the way it was meant to be. The destruction of all global suffering and personal pain. Awesome. All the stuff that can make it hard to get up in the morning: tiredness, pain, the pending boredom, hurt, dissatisfaction, insecurity, fear… Gone.

“Perfect love drives out fear”… and I can’t wait

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a lil poem

Change is good,
Change is good,
Change is good.
This is my mantra today when everything looks different.
Even the tide of my thoughts sweeps in and out;
Ebbs and flows,
Comes and goes,
To’s and fro’s
Like windscreen wipers on a rainy day.

Change is good I always say.
That way
At least something

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Welcome to my world

If I ruled the world, there would be no such thing as Bebo.
If I ruled the world, all coffee shops would provide slippers and free reading material.
If I ruled the world, grapefruit would be extinct.
If I ruled the world, digital cameras would be cheaper.
If I ruled the world, Speedos would never have been invented.
If I ruled the world, Drumadoon Tea House would revert to its previous owners.
If I ruled the world, Coleraine would scrap its one-way “system”
If I ruled the world, boat trips would be free.

If I ruled the world, I’d probably do this stuff, then get real stressed out and make someone else take over…


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