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One thinks of candles at a time like this.

She had a go at both ends,

Grabbing life with both hands

Without wavering.



But it ends as it began:

With awe and wondering and tears,

Though this time prematurely.

(“Snuffed out”)

And this time the tears shine for what is lost,

Rather than for what is begun.

*     *     *

And here we were,

Arrogantly counting days

On widespread fingers,

Fretting about the wind;

When while what was cupped in our hands, is now

Immortalised in cyberspace.

Like a still-life painting on a gallery wall.

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Caught red-handed (or tongued…)



Found this here.  Brilliant.

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242 Days

“Its been eight months,” he said.

“Eight months?” she replied. “Gosh, time flies.”

“Its 242 days, actually.”

242 days of life without his wife.


I wonder how long it takes before you stop counting.




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