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Belfast, Belfast wonderful town…










In the interests of clawing back everything famous which came out of Norn Iron…

The CS Lewis Bus Tour which inspired this is back.  More details here.  There’s also a wonderful Titanic Boat Tour on the River Lagan, which I would also recommend whatever the weather.

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Rediscovering The Shawshank Redemption

You know, I used to call this film my favourite film ever.  Then someone told me (disparagingly) that everyone says that.  So I stopped saying it.  Yes, I’m that easily influenced.

But, I had some friends over tonight – one of whom had never seen it – and we watched it.

I’d forgotten.  It really is a beautiful film.  Don’t think I’d have said that before.  Think I liked it because of the twisty-clever way Andy escapes – the satisfaction that the baddies get what they deserve and because Morgan Freeman is cool.  It was a cool film.

But tonight I discovered that its a movie about hope and friendship.  Andy brings inmates hope through beer and music and a library…  He teaches hopeless Red to hope and it pays off.

The thing is that Red’s instincts about hope being a dangerous thing is right.  Andy discovers the pain of that when the only person who could prove his innocence is removed from the equation.  And yet life without hope is no life at all.

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”


A beautiful film.  If you’ve never seen it, watch it immediately.  If you’re pushed for time, here’s the plot in a minute… 😉


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Blogging Curtailed: Good news, bad news.

When I was younger (so much younger than today), I wasn’t much into fads and hobbies.  My mother’s distaste for anything that encouraged consumerism (eg plastic dummies, Barbies, psychedelic bracelets made out of laces…) meant that I was never so fortunate to be bought every new fangled object of primary school desire.  However, the closest I got to fad indulgence was that for several years one of my Christmas presents was the ‘Big Comic’ Annual.  Lots of comic strip reading for the discerning younger reader.  Contained within included Desperate Dan, Minnie the Minx and the like.  One type of which always stuck in my head: Good news, bad news.

So, here, for your entertainment in these rainy summer months is my recent Good news, bad news…

Good news – Small Corner had a lovely time in the Republic.  Good times were had involving ‘grape juice’, a sofa, a movie.

Bad news – my laptop wanted to join in the fun but he and ‘grape juice’ didn’t get along too well.

Good news – I’d been smart enough to know that I’m dumb enough that something like this might happen, so have been paying insurance for donkeys.

Bad news – Bought the laptop off PC World and their customer service is sh*te so laptop’s departure for the fixing place has been delayed by nearly three weeks.

Good news – I’m a little less addicted to the multi-tasking tv and surfing.  My wrists are recovering from the RSI.

Bad news – Blogging curtailed.

Good news – my housemate and her pretty macbook got home from camp on Saturday so am being kept in the online fashion with which I am accustomed.

Bad news – I REALLY REALLY want a Mac.

Good news – I can’t afford a Mac just now so won’t be sacrificing my soul to the spirits of astheticism just yet.

Bad news – I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Mac.

Good news – I get to use Housemate’s so that when… er… if I ever buy one, the transition will be less taxing.

Your Correspondant, wishing she’d thought of this way of signing off before Zoomtard did.

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