The problem with sin.

The problem with sin is that it blinds us til all we can see is ourselves.  Even when we see that all we’re seeing is ourselves, we don’t care, because it is ourselves we’re worried about.

I say that all in ‘we’, but really I mean ‘me’.

I have no idea if anyone else feels the same.

But, perhaps others can identify when I say this: I am fed up with sin.  I am fed up with my selfishness, my pride, my critical nature and my self-pity.

The problem with being a Christian is that, because I’ve seen something of God, I (even when I hate to admit it) see more of my wrong-ness.  So, as much as I’d like to ignore it, I ultimately can’t.  Even more frustratingly, I can’t fix it.  I think I can (because, after all, its all about me…), or, I think I already have fixed it but then I realise at an even deeper level that my biggest concern is still me, myself and I.

This is why I need Jesus.

But the problem with sin is that it blinds us til all we can see is ourselves.

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  1. This shouldn’t make any sense at all – you’re fed up of your pride, but also your critical nature and self-pity?

    And yet, I know exactly what you are saying, because I often feel exactly the same way. So, I am grateful for your honesty and encouraged by not being alone in all this.

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