Not bad for a girl

Humour.  Its a funny thing, really isn’t it?  No pun intended.

How often do we make jokes out of issues that can actually be really sensitive issues?  Particularly in Northern Ireland perhaps?  Our humour is largely based on sarcasm and teasing.  So much so that when there’s a foreigner amongst us, we have to explain that we actually like, rather than despise, each other.

We make jokes about marriage, singleness, appearance, gender… and sometimes its seriously not funny.  Today, after leading worship I was told:

“You’re not bad… for a girl”.

Funny, huh?!

Talk about the wrong thing to say to the wrong person at the wrong time.


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5 responses to “Not bad for a girl

  1. Is he a time traveller from the past who’s never seen a woman lead worship? What a weirdo.

    Definitely not funny, just stupid. I pity this guy…. and his future wife

  2. As it happens, in my experience the people who I’ve felt have been best at leading me into worship have been women, but gender in worship leading is totally irrelevant.

    This comment from a (married) man (yes ruthEbabes, he’s much more mature (in years only) than he sounds) is totally outrageous and he should know better.

  3. smoothstonesinmyhand

    My response is lighter than that of my lovely husband (though we are united in our outrage at this asinine comment).

    There’s nothing better than a good multiple choice quiz to cheer you up, and I’ve a good one from a blog I’ve been enjoying recently for you – a bit of light relief!

    Hmm, just realised I’m totally inept when it comes to links in comments – it’s worth a look though!

  4. espero

    I’m not coming home.

  5. As a man whose fond of a sarcastic comment or two, even I find this in poor taste (now if he had said “good catch…” or “well parked…”, fair enough).

    The best I can offer is the suggestion that it just a very bad attempt at humour.

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