I used to have a teddy bear
When I was just a girl:
He had a pair of dark brown eyes
And sandy coloured fur.

His ears were big and floppy,
His belly soft and round;
Wherever I was playing,
This teddy could be found.

I took him out on picnics,
I took him to the fair,
I took him everywhere I went
And sometimes left him there.


Filed under poetry

3 responses to “Teddy

  1. Rizzly

    A rather nice, reflective poem about a friendly bear – I like it a lot. Thanks for using ‘Herbert’ to illustrate your words…

  2. whynotsmile

    I like this a lot. It reminds me of Mousey, who got left in Littlewoods cafe about 20 years ago, and was then found again, much to my relief.

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