The Best of Both Worlds…

So I’m discovering that an evening can be well-spent, watching cheesy reality tv (Grease is waaaay better than Joseph) whilst browsing lofty thoughts about heaven on the blogs of other great thinkers.

You see, I’m becoming ever more convinced that balance is the key to life. Does Saturday night television make your stomach curdle and your blood boil? Do intellectual online discourses fry your brain and test your patience? Why not try doing both at once?!

As the tears begin at the thought of dreams being shattered by the ‘great’ British vote, you can turn your attention to illusions of a fluffy cloud heaven being torn apart. Then, once the references to political figures or theological terms that you’ve only vaguely heard of begin, you can switch back to enjoying the talent (or lack of talent) being showcased in your very own living room.


Speaking of talent and theology, let me know if you think this guy is for real…?

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One response to “The Best of Both Worlds…

  1. ruthiebabes

    oh cringe at that video! i just wish i’d closed the window sooner, i might just go cry now

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