Modern Life: Blogging Peril

When this young bright-eyed, bushy-tailed blogger began a timorous voyage into the previously uncharted waters of the blogosphere, she started out with innocuous dreams of ruling the world and rhymes about teddy bears.  This ‘self-confessed un-intellectual’ soon struck out for deeper waters: tremulously sharing thoughts verging on philosophical about the perils of modern life and the moral codes of blogging.

Confidence in her place within the community began to build as she found herself at home on the green, green grass of blog; the stats rarely being too high or low to stir too much pride or too much insecurity.  It was perhaps this heady cocktail of peaks and troughs mixed with refreshing banter on the proverbial lawn that led to our timid heroine’s (!) demise…

Being somewhat impartial to a slice of healthy optimism with lashings of heart-on-your-sleeve, her innocent paddling became a full-on skinny-dipping adventure (metaphorically speaking, of course) as she plunged into 365ing and then la goutte d’eau qui fait deborder le vase…

Second Rate.

She wrote the post late one lazy Sunday afternoon, little knowing the effect it would have on the blog world at large.  Tears shed; friendships broken; families at odds – and that was just over Voxo’s addiction to stroking his Leopard.

Many things can be learnt from Modern Life, not least the fact that we should never take it all too seriously!


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2 responses to “Modern Life: Blogging Peril

  1. voxo

    Friendships broken??

    Hope not.

    Weird that this same week I get an email from friend who is on a church committee in ENGERLAND looking my “scholarly” opinion on the matter as it was contentious in their church.

    Sheesh Kapeesh.

  2. meinmysmallcorner

    Nah – it was just for the poetry of it all. but you never know! There are all those anonymous readers out there whose presence is only indicated by the roof-smashing stats rather than by comments…. We may have caused a bigger kerfuffle than we could ever dream!!!

    Think it might be a sign, Vox. Let me know when you’re ‘protecting and empowering your sisters so we are free to live freely’. I might cry. But then again I usually do when you speak…

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