Hungarian Ghoulash

Well, I’m just about to exchange the wonders of the north coast for the wonders of the hungarian forest… To be honest, I’m more than a little concerned about ticks (they BURROW into your FLESH, for goodness’ sake!) and the news stories about 500 hungarian people dying of heat in the past few weeks does little assuage the rising panic…

Spoke to JM – he seems to think Formacion is meant to be a retreat-type thing as well as leadership training – let’s hope so. If its not too busy a program, I can spend all the more time inspecting every square millimeter of my flesh for intruders!

Hehehehehhe… okay, okay, I’m a drama queen. I’m actually really looking forward to the adventure! Plus, the chance to take a few days holiday in Budapest after the conference is very appealing.

If you’re of the praying sort, you could bring up the following things:

  • no ticks please!!!!
  • no heatstroke please?!?
  • real encounters with God through this unique community please!
  • true rest and restoration from the Good Shepherd please!

Thankin thee kindly.

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  1. akenny02

    Buy the dog now…

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