Having managed to survive the crush of over-eager travellers “queuing” to get through the flight gate, I walk, somewhat dishevelled but triumphantly and in an orderly fashion toward the plane door. In my peripheral vision I see a pristine traveller with BIG hair and manicured talons strutting her way up the left hand side of the queue. Bare-faced cheek!

Cue slow innard boiling…

With a nonchalant toss of her bleached hair, she thrusts her over sized tote bag back and her heavily padded chest forward as she slinks innocently up the queue without even a wobble on her impossibly high stiletto heels. But I – in the latest imitation Converse trainers, a Mark de Pri backpack bursting inelegantly at the seams and a top stained by lunch (this isn’t just a food stain, this is an M&S food stain…) – I am Unintimidated. Many years of silent queue battles have prepared me for a time such as this.

Eyes narrow, heartrate quickens, insides burn…

Almost imperceptibly I angle my body so as not to meet her icy ‘Dare-to-challenge-me’ stare, and, making my body as wide as possible: hip to the side, foot forward, elbows firmly out, I rise to the challenge. I anticipate her every step: sidestep, baby step, left block, hip shift right, gentle nudge… Justice will prevail.

Moments later, I – Conqueror (disdainful and unspoken insults blistering my tongue) – step onto the plane. Selecting my seat, I settle down for the flight, congratulating myself for handling the monstrous ordeal with such silent grace…


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3 responses to “easyGrace.com

  1. lilytodd

    While in Paris during the summer, I queued with Daisy underground at Notre Dame for 20 mins waiting for the toilet… smelly, dank and foul.

    A Texan lady ran straight up to the front yelling, “Anybody speeek Engleesh? I gotta go to the toilet!”
    Why did she think we were all standing in the stench with small children? Some gracious soul let her right in at the front. I could have lamped them both.

    Really some people, just shows you what you could get away with if you had no shame.

  2. Rachel's Small Corner

    chuckle chuckle chuckle… I’ll remember that the next time I’m in dire straits!

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