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Life to the fool…?

Morning television on a day off – grrrrrrreat. Then the ads kick in again:

“You want to live life to the full – Laser Eye Surgery can help you do that”

Wow! Great! If only I’d known! Flip, jack in this Christian stuff – why bother dealing with the bowels of Christian “community” in obedience to Jesus, when all I really need is to regain 2020 vision with the help of modern technology! D’oh!

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Modern Technology

So, it turns out the summer is rather a dry period for blogging opportunities, never mind inspiration! Although at least its dry in one sense…. the rain has been somewhat depressing.

So, anyway, I’ve been thinking… I often equate my frustration with modern technology with how I am obliged to respond to the beeping of a text message within ten minutes or be deemed ‘crap at replying’. Or how, now that my laptop needs resurrecting, I feel like the past year and a half of my life has been flushed down into a distant black hole of cyber space.

But reading a friend’s blog, I just had an epiphany of a further evil.

Modern technology raises the standard of what is considered beautiful. So much so, that we’re willing to stand semi birthday-suited before a complete stranger with a can of spray paint.

Lily Todd, I feel your pain…

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