Marva Dawn’s Theology of Worship : Quotes 1 & 2

“Christian worship proclaims the objective truth of the gospel and genuine freedom of thought.  Moreover, worship trains its participants in habits of thinking and reveals a cosmos large enough to ask good questions.”


“Too easily in the darkness [of the reality of life’s struggles] I try to be in control by exercising or taking good care.  But when darkness strikes again, my efforts to control it pervert personal worship and make God too small.  I need public worship to bring me a holy and a merciful God who shows me my sinfulness and yet offers the possibility of repentance and forgiveness.  I need worship that lets me lament and find in that cry God’s caring presence.  I need an assembly of people who ask God to be God in their lives and thereby proclaim God’s power, faithfulness and gracious healing.”


Reaching out without Dumbing Down – Marva Dawn

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