Rambling (but not so random) reflections on the way things might be

Darkness is the absence of light.  Evil is the absence of good – or rather of God.

In giving his creatures love, creator God gave his creatures the choice of not-love.  In plucking that fruit from that tree, the creatures sought Me-ness which is, indeed, not-love.  In the way that love is light, not-love is the absence of that light and in the way that love leads to light, to the Light, not-love leads to darkness, to not-light.

Where there is light, there is no room for darkness; where there is love, there can ultimately be no not-love.

Creator God promises to one day reveal the fullness of Light to those who choose Love.  Not only will those who chose not-love not be able to support that Light, neither will that light be able to support its darkness – there will simply be no room.  Darkness is nothingness, light is fullness.  Where there is fullness there can be no nothingness, no not-fullness.

For those who live in Love, who live in Light, they will no longer know not-love or not-light.  Where there is fullness, there can be no nothingness, no not-fullness.  If not-love and not-light are allowed entry, there is not fullness – Love and Light are not full.

One day not-love, not-light and not-fullness will be put away and Love and Light will reign in all His fullness.  And we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

(Oh yeah, oh yeaaahhh)


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6 responses to “Rambling (but not so random) reflections on the way things might be

  1. What is choice without adequate information, necessary intellect or a family/cultural upbringing conducive to the correct decision?

  2. small corner – get you!
    QM – why can someone with poor information, weak intellect and non-conducive upbringing not make a choice in the direction of light and life and love? The choice small corner describes is not of the tick-the-right-box-and-you’re-in variety that you and I were encouraged to make growing up. It’s a choice towards or away from the light we have been given and are able to receive given our limited perspective. Non?

  3. >>why can someone with poor information, weak intellect and non-conducive upbringing not make a choice in the direction of light and life and love?
    they/we can, but we can also make bad choices. (not to take it to the extreme but…) maybe a suicide car bomber believes he IS making a choice in that direction by his actions. when i choice is put in vague terms like this then no one ever feels they may be wrong.

    I think its a fair point i raise that all choices, as presented by any type of questioner or situation. are answered, on balance, better by those with the most information pertaining to the question, and with the most intellect to assess its merits, and with the least cultural bias.

  4. meinmysmallcorner

    Yes, Jayber, get me (or rather Santa Claus’s gift to me of Clive Staples).

    Qmonkey – I’m tempted to ask : what is love that isn’t big enough to overcome inadequate information, intellect or a family/cultural upbringing? But you know that I always disappoint you when you try to start a philosophical battle of wits with me, so you’ll have to take this one up with CS Lewis.

    Or, you know… Jayber.

  5. Consider my philosophical sword back in its sheath 🙂

    • meinmysmallcorner

      Nice Sunday School reference there, qm! Or at least I assume that it is, but perhaps not! No need to put it away as such, just – you know you never quite get the discussion you enjoy from other bloggers. I’m honoured you’re still an avid fan of my small corner 😉

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