Clinton, Irish priests and Mrs Robinson (or Unfinished Thoughts on Mercy)

Heard speaker tonight who had been a close confidante to Bill Clinton around the time the break out of his sex scandal.  He commented that in the face of the President’s attempt to admit, repent and apologise for his behaviour, the American evangelicals were the last people to offer mercy.  Had they responded with open arms, he wonders if America would not have experienced a great time of spiritual revival…

His poignant story-telling took my mind (as I’m sure he intended) to recent events in Ireland: the emerging scandal of sex abuse and cover-up in the Roman Catholic church, the Iris Robinson debacle…

My definitive thoughts are as yet unformed, but there’s something around that smells like an incredible opportunity for Christ-followers to speak truth into our nation…

He used the example of a highly successful executive businessman who ended up atending Alcoholics Anonymous: “How does it feel being an executive businessman sitting in an AA meeting beside a prostitute and a homeless man who hasn’t showered in weeks?” he asked him.  The businessman replied: “At AA there are no prostitutes, nor homeless people nor business executives.  We’re all just a bunch of drunks helping each other survive another day.”

Imagine a church where we start the gathering with “Hi, my name is Small Corner and I’m a redeemed sinner.”  Where we raise our hands and declare our guilt, where we open our arms to one another in mercy, grace and forgiveness because Jesus did that for us on the cross.  Where we acknowledge we’re just a bunch of ‘drunks’ helping each other trust Jesus for another day.  Imagine that heart pulsating out into our broken country – imagine a church known for that, imagine…

It reminds me of this.

And I found it helpful to read this.

Like I said: unfinished thoughts…

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