Uncle Billy’s ‘Tache

I have an Uncle Billy.  He has a moustache.  I also have an Uncle Ronnie who also has a moustache, but he lives in Australia, so not that important for the purposes of this post.  He is very lovely though.  I’m not saying that he himself is unimportant…  Come to think of it, my Uncle Tom has a ‘tache too.  Three brothers, three ‘taches.

Anyway.  Uncle Billy.

For as long as I can remember, Uncle Billy has had a moustache.  It is not altogether unbecoming, nor is it particularly flattering, but it is what it is – Uncle Billy’s moustache.  And without it, his face would look empty (even more so seeing as he’s also stopped wearing his glasses).

A recent discussion of ‘keep it or shave it?’ in regards to the ‘tache of a member of my church and a cover story on my hotmail homepage has made moustaches the topic du jour and, well, I’m currently procrastinating from talk preparation so absolutely HAD to blog about it!

beardedfull1If I could grow facial hair, my natural curiosity means I couldn’t possibly go through life without giving it a go for a while (I may not have a choice in forty or so years.) So I imagine its only natural for a young man to embrace the hairier life for a time (see here for top tips), perhaps never looking back.

Thinking about Uncle Billy and numerous men of his generation, makes me wonder about their technique…  Did they not shave for a while, then lose 19169fe7f76a8a23f597ae13aa1a66b31the chinfluff?  Or did they just not shave the upper lippal region, allowing the ‘tache to creep up on the general public like a mexican caterpillar with a penchant for ginger highlights?  And once it was there, how long did it take for it to become part of their face so that if it were removed they’d look empty?

Most importantly, if Uncle Billy can do it, why can’t Brad Pitt?


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