Its all about ME

Its my birthday.  I like people knowing when its my birthday.  So I thought I should just let you know that.

Its probably the ‘baby of the family’ thing.  I like the attention.

Seeing as its my birthday, I get a free rant…

The blogosphere is largely a cold and lonely place at the minute.  I mean, no-one is writing anything.  Even I have been reduced to pretentious displays of my poetic ramblings into situations very few people would understand.

I say ‘no-one’, but really that means no-one is writing stuff I understand plus the actually rather limited scope of my whole blog-community is hardly worldwide.

I say ‘even I’, but really that’s hardly surprising considering one of my first offerings on the alter of self-adulation expression was a poem about a teddy bear.  Hardly the groundbreaking stuff this world needs.

At which point I need to remind myself of the humble beginnings of this blog were tagged as the ‘random musings of a self-confessed un-intellectual’ (from which heated disagreements quickly ensued).(I say ‘heated’, but really I mean mildly spiced in a coconut and buttery non-heating korma curry kind of way).

Thus it is I come full circle and present to you this random musing from me in my small corner.  And you HAVE to like it because its MY birthday.

So there.

Thanks! 🙂

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One response to “Its all about ME

  1. “The blogosphere is largely a cold and lonely place at the minute. I mean, no-one is writing anything.”

    Happy birthday. But I want you to know you’ve made me cry.

    Or have you got the wrong URL again?

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