A new love interest

ITV 3 has begun to show The Wonder Years every evening beginning at 7pm.  I remember watching some of it when I was wee – probably the first time it was aired on British tv.  It was okay, I mean – it wasn’t quite Neighbours or The Cosby Show, or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…

What was I thinking?!?  Life, love, laughter… And a great theme tune to boot!  This show is GREAT!  Watch it!

The Wonder Years


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5 responses to “A new love interest

  1. I LOVED this programme!! I’d totally forgotten about it – ooooohhhh, want to watch!!

  2. Hi,

    A nasty spot to do this, but wanted to let you know I used a picture of yours on the http://www.sxc.hu website for a poster I did for a community event in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    You can see it at http://www.mjchurches.com


  3. carrieohara

    I have rediscovered it too! Was part of my daily tv fodder when I had flu. I was a fan the first time round.
    I’d forgotten it was so wonderfully moral: a little life lesson with dinner each night: that touching balance between childhood innocence and adult nostalgic reflection.
    The whole soundtrack is great.
    Enjoy smallcorner, enjoy x

  4. Watching it back now, I really don’t get why I too thought Winnie Cooper was “all that” back in the day. That said, if I did get it now as a 30 year old man, it may reveal deeper underlying issues…

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