I am right.



Your arrogance makes me uncomfortable

Not just because it is wrong, but because I am right.

Your certainty that you’ve got it makes my blood boil

Like milk seething quietly then


Bursting boils of white which rapidly run out of steam

Leaving behind the sticky, wrinkly skin of my own certitude.


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7 responses to “I am right.

  1. smoothstonesinmyhand

    I love this! May I copy it in case I want to use it in school one day?

  2. meinmysmallcorner

    Serious?! Aww, how cool. Yeah go for it!

  3. smoothstonesinmyhand

    I’m thinking I could get the kids to read it, identify the literary devices used – enjambment, simile, irregular line length, alliteration, assonance in case you’re not sure – then tell them you’re not a ‘real’ poet – prove that poems don’t have to be long and rhyming to make their point and that real people can use the devices.

  4. meinmysmallcorner

    Yes. I crafted all those things into my lil poem with much thought and consideration. Yes. I did. Yes indeed…


    I’d like to add a semi-colon after ‘exploding’ – may I??

    As for the ‘not a real poet’, you must have momentarily lost your mind. I’ll forgive you.

  5. carrieohara

    Ok Smallcorner big up for you: this is the stuff of real literary prowess and creativity…

    Smoothstones you are on MATERNITY leave: you should be watching Loose Women and Jeremy Kyle (or your West Wing box sets)…

  6. Jody

    This is Good! The moustaches were nice, too, but this one is Really Good! Thanks for sharing highlights from your blog so that I ‘found’ it. =) Like someone else above asked, can I copy it (crediting you, of course) and send it to two of my nieces who enjoy and create some poetry of their own? Pleeeeaaase? =) Jody

  7. meinmysmallcorner

    Of course you can, Jody!

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