Enough is enough

Right.  That is IT.  I am learning to knit.

Turns out its THE productive pasttime of 2008 and I want to be cool.  My granny will turn in her grave out of pleasure that I still remember the rhyme she taught me: “In through the bunny hole, round the big tree, out through the bunny hole and off pops she!” 

Pity she won’t be around to cast me on (or whatever the opposite of cast off is…).



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11 responses to “Enough is enough

  1. reimagining

    From the small bit that I can remember from my primary school knitting days, I think that it is definitely ‘casting on’.

  2. This is simply splendid. Everyone should be able to knit. I made myself some very nice gloves over Christmas. Fingerless, yet convertible to mittens. I will leave instructions on my blog if you like.

  3. hoveactually

    Yes! Knitting must come back, it must. Best done with wine, although the ability to knit does go down with the amount of wine consumed…

  4. lilytodd

    Not one to be left out of a craze, (yo-yos, lo-lo balls and wham bars I loved them all) I too have been thinking I must start knitting again. It seems to be everywhere, subliminal messages telling me to knit myself a bag.

    I did spend a long time in a bookshop recently deciding whether or not to buy a book of patterns and decided against it. I’ll maybe reconsider.

  5. espero

    Yay! I have some friends I can sit and chat and knit with here and I need some for coming home too! I’ve been using books out of the library and the internet has some good patterns. Try knittinghelp.com. They have videos of all the essentials – much better than following an obscure diagram.
    Having finished Eli’s hat and scarve, I’m now doing a wee shrug for myself.
    Literally, people knit in lectures here. Someone did their arts thesis on knitting and redemption or something.
    Not so sure about the wine – my stitches fall off when I try that combo…

  6. smoothstonesinmyhand

    BUT…you must be co-ordinated to knit. You probably are as you can play the guitar and sing at the same time, me on the other hand…

    A friend gave me a knitting kit thing last Christmas, was actually v cool, and I made half the bag, but it took me a long time cos it was quite complicated and I kept making mistakes. Quite theraputic actually, once I got going. I kept messing up though, which is why I still haven’t finished it.

  7. espero

    Seriously, I am the most uncoordinated person around. I disprove the theory. Get that bag out again!
    P.s don’t start with fluffy wool – v.v hard. My shrug is going to take forever….

  8. meinmysmallcorner

    AAaaaaarrrghhhhh!!! The pressure! All I wanted was to make a statement and now its almost my most posted entry! I WILL learn to knit… knitting help dot com, eh? I just looked up a “beginner’s” pattern and it was in a completely DIFFERENT language! And I don’t mean French….

  9. smoothstonesinmyhand

    Here’s something to inspire all you knitters out there…http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/7238737.stm

  10. smoothstonesinmyhand

    OK, just realised I don’t really know how to do links in a comment – whoops.

  11. carrieohara

    I giggled and giggled.
    I love that you are all so enthusiastic about the smallest of things…
    I like Lily have been bombarded by all things woolly: there was an actual wool/ knitting section in the John Lewis in Glasgow, my Mum knits incessantly (we were the kids with the handknitted jumpers at school) and I always need a ‘school holidays project’ and am readily willing to jump on any bandwagon…
    ..but I remembered, knitting was the only thing I failed at school. I swear. My Arts and Crafts Primary school teacher actually phoned my Mum to complain about my lack of knitting prowess: if ‘Carrie would work her needles more and her mouth less, we may get somewher!’.
    So girls you’re on your own; I could make the tea/ coffee or pour the wine the knitting parties….

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