When I read in the Gospel of John that “Jesus wept” I always thought of weeping as a soft, delicate thing: tears sliding silently down his cheeks.  But a few nights ago, I wept.  The only apt word: “wept”.  Wracking sobs, moaning, nose streaming, tears flooding…  I wept from loneliness, from fear and from doubt.  I questioned the validity of my faith, the truth of my ‘gifts’, the character of my God.


Tonight, on the way home from sharing in God’s truth with my home church I wept for different reasons.  For fullness, for love, for hope…  Because I know that He is True.  And that He calls me precious.


They’ll try to take you and steal your heart

They’ll try to make you something you aren’t

You can be swept like sand on a beach, but not out of reach:

Don’t let them drag you down – hold on.


Know that you’re precious

Know that you’re precious

Know that you’re precious

So precious…

(martyn joseph, ‘precious’)


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4 responses to “Precious

  1. smoothstonesinmyhand

    Yay! I’ve never heard the song but I’d like to. So glad to read this post. PS – is that picture at the top of you? It is very cute.

  2. meinmysmallcorner

    Nope – its not me. At that age I was white blonde – no peroxide here. Yet…

  3. aslade

    It is an awesome revelation to realize our God is who He says He is. He will never fail us, nor leave us. We do have so much to hope in! Our God is awesome and I love Him! Thanks for the post. You are so precious to Him. So precious. Never forget that!

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