Another (similar) Kerfuffle…

Not wishing to diminish the impact of my announcement of The Great Crash of January 2008, but just something for those with some time on their hands to consider and wrap up neatly for those of us who take much longer to form an opinion…? 

At a friend’s house for dinner the other night, she drew to my attention a Kerfuffle within the Presbyterian Church which the Belfast Telegraph have been reporting on over the past few weeks.

The crux of it is that one minister (male) refused to let another (female) preach in ‘his’ pulpit at a joint Christmas service.  The event of a joint service between these two churches in the same town has been happening for years and years, but only recently has the female minister been installed at the church.

Some interesting questions raised by both journalists and citizens who wrote in.  The following are in date order.


The earliest article I could find (kind of ugly, but later articles paint a different picture of the lady’s reaction).

Regrets expressed over inability to find compromise.

The ‘unholy row’ – call for consistency within Presbyterian Church policy.

Some comments from the Moderator

Letter of support

Journalist (and choir member) opinon – quite random, done in context of the new Irish Presby hymn book!christinab_262288d.jpg

“I will not back down”

Letter of disappointment with how the situation has been handled. 

More general article on the challenge facing the Church in secular society.


You see, randomly enough – this stuff makes me think about the should-have-been post on the blame-claim culture RE The Great Crash of January 2008 (my neck’s doing well, thanks)…

Larger questions about the assertion of ‘rights’ by Christians.  Jesus gave up his rights to defend himself and was pretty selective in the battles he fought, right?  So how do we know when to stand up and fight and when to make sacrifices or put up with losing face?

Much wisdom, grace and love required methinks.  Especially in current politically correct culture.


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3 responses to “Another (similar) Kerfuffle…

  1. jaybercrow

    My favourite line – “I believe my responsibility as a parent is equal to that of my wife, but at no point did I wish to usurp my wife’s role in carrying our baby through the pregnancy.” What gallantry! What chivalry! What??!!

  2. It’s all fun and games for you lot. Ha ha! Look at the chauvinist games marring the most potential-for-outreach time of year in a big provincial town.

    Spare a thought for loopers like me who are curiously intent on committing their lives to this church with these shenanigans!

    Jayber, I love in that quote how it appears that if he had wanted to “usurp” her pregnancy, he could have just gone ahead and done it.

  3. MG

    Yo! I used to love Bonhoeffer’s assertion in The Cost of Discipleship that “this community of strangers possesses no inherent right of its own to protect its members in the world, nor do they claim such rights, for they are meek, they renounce every right of their own and live for the sake of Jesus Christ.” Following the Great Flat Demolition of 2008 and the fact that I really don’t want to pay rent for a flat with massive holes in the outside walls makes me like that quote and your problem in general a lot less…

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