The problem with being single… Mark II


Okay, so I posted something on this last night then TOTALLY chickened out of it.  Because one of the perpetual problems of being single is actually more about how other people view your singleness, rather than focussing on your own views (it didn’t help that I get a comment from some site called or something.  Feel free to look up the site – I’m not judging internet daters…!).  This insecurity pops its head up and down (much like a chicken, you might say) and so popped its head up this morning, having had its head firmly down last night.  So that’s the problem with being single.

But that wasn’t what the post was about.

I thought about putting it back up, but I think I’ve actually deleted it, lost it forever kind of deleted it. So it’ll need to be re-written.  And I’d need to be feeling brave to do that.


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8 responses to “The problem with being single… Mark II

  1. Dee

    Would I say I feel second rate because I’m single? Not a chance!

    Having been in a very bad relationship, I’m not willing to just “settle” for someone so that I’m not alone. I’d much rather be alone than with the wrong person. I *miss* having someone to share things with, to know that there is someone there at night to snuggle with, etc. Knowing the holidays are coming up and I could be alone on a special day makes me sad (since my child goes to their dads which means I can’t travel to spend time with my family) but in the long run, alone is a pretty fine place to be, relative to where I’ve been.

    I wish you happiness and courage!

  2. qmonkey

    aw, i thought it was a great post. you ARE a chicken 🙂 it was really well written and honest – i couldnt think of a comment to make (a first!)… that wouldnt have seemed to belittle… or just sounded like ‘dont worry’. Don’t fear your true inards. and rest assured neither male or female porn reflect reality. reality is so much better.

  3. meinmysmallcorner

    ermmm… I hasten to add that the post wasn’t about porn either!!

    I feel honoured, Q, that I was the one who made you ‘speechless’.

    At first, that is 😉 .

  4. beakybeaky

    I swear the chicken in that picture just moved.

    I think I’m going insane.

    It’s all this frenchiness going to my head. And because I’m starting to suffer from the Hungarian bread fever again, except this time it’s from baguettes…

  5. Nigel Richmond

    That is a shame! Like qmonkey said, you had some really great thoughts in there..a really great read. Oh well…it lives on in the hearts of your avid readers who got here early. 🙂

  6. ah go on – rewrite it – i got a pingback but was too late….

  7. meinmysmallcorner

    Hummmmmm… It may have to come back ‘by popular demand’. Think I’ll glitz it up and see if I can make a spectacular return to the dizzying stat heights of the ‘second rate’ days…


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