365 denigrated

About half an hour ago I wrote today’s 365 post declaring the joys of knowing I can have an extra hour in bed because of daylight savings.  But now I’ve pretty much spent the hour blog-surfing.  Am I a fraud?  Have I raped and pillaged something pure and true by my over-zealous confabulations?  Have I been perfidious in my writings before without realising?  Or have I simply become addicted to this world called Blog…?

I depart from fear of becoming garrulous and must regain some equanimity on the matter.

(i bought a book of big words today…)


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2 responses to “365 denigrated

  1. carrieohara

    Or you can regard your time spent connecting with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, increasing the vocab of even the most jaded of English teachers; and reaching out to those you don’t even know are out there for whom your words of wisdom are the highlights or their now darkening winter days…

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