Modern Life: Blogging Pride

Having just read a comment which was a self-confessed blatant attempt to boost blog entry ratings on a site we’ll call Pord Wress (thanks whynotsmile for the anonimity technique…), I am questioning my seemingly innocuous cyber-scouting of said site. Do I really believe it is a better system on which to chronicle the random musings of this self-confessed un-intellectual? Or do I simply want to be able to boast of hits to my blog entries coming from all over the world?

Firstly: with this whole blogosphere community thing is it acceptable to derive pleasure from the internationality of something which is meant to be a humble sharing of life? Like, writing for the sake of art rather than just to be thought witty, or intellectual, or worth reading?

Secondly: are there ever any pure motives in leaving comments on the blogs of others, or am I just kidding myself?

Thirdly: who exactly decides blogging etiquette?

And finally: will you think any less of me if I switch sites in order to keep a close watch on my stats?

Post on “Modern Life: Blogging Stats Insecurity” to follow…


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6 responses to “Modern Life: Blogging Pride

  1. lilytodd

    For an wannabe ‘unintellectual’ (which you are clearly not!) you think too much!

    Just do it! come on over, the grass is greener…

  2. Vox O'Malley

    We will serve refreshments on the lawn to welcome you. and the stats…. oooh… the stats…

  3. Sam

    its just so nice. no more annoying pop up windows to do stuff in. and the trackbacks…

  4. soapbox

    yeow you moved – welcome to the brave new world of wordpress!

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