Intellectual things such as Voltaire, Einstein and quantum physics

Just doing a little blog surfing whilst introducing myself to season one of The Gilmore Girls (been one all my life, so figured its only fair to make the most of my housemate’s dvd box set while its still here!).I find it more than a little disconcerting that I (in my small corner) appear on blogrolls alongside proverbial giants in blogging intellect. So I have decided to write a post about intellectual things such as Voltaire, Einstein and quantum physics.

Well, when I say I’m going to write about those things, I really mean I’m just going to call my post that and hope that no-one actually notices that the blog isn’t about that at all, cos – let’s face it – I don’t really do intellectual. Sarcasm, yes. Rhetoric, tick. Nonsense poetry, check. Links to random internet videos, you betcha!

I still feel a heavy weight of expectation though – that in order to publish a blog, it must contain pithy soundbites and other such things worth reading. Yikes… There is definately some stigma attached to blogging, though. My housemate commented that its for people who believe their opinion is worth being read by others, and I guess she’s right in some cases. I reckon I agree on some level, but opt out of the guilty chair, counting myself very self-aware and pretention free in my un-intellectual musings (let’s not mention that I indulge myself by posting my poetic efforts). Though I just read a post by a friend who likened the blogosphere to a community. I like that. I’m up for that. Not assuming that others want to or, indeed, need to read my random thoughts, but just allowing them to do so if they want, you know? Sharing life etc etc etc…

Plus, if people are inclined to spend time online when they’re bored, surely – surely! – true friends do whatever they can to save people from the evils of Bebo.

Blah blah blah… I have no idea whether anyone ever actually reads this stuff anyway. Perhaps once upon a time, they absent-mindedly clicked on the link on those more thought-provoking blogs and ended up here. Then its sure they’re ne’er more to return. And yet, while bloggers say we’re not aiming for pretention, just exercising (exorcising?) our right to free speech, we still want people to read what we’re publishing, don’t we?

I wonder is an un-read blog the modern day, grown-up equivalent of walking past a group photo in the high school corridor and finding someone has stuck a drawing pin through your face.



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6 responses to “Intellectual things such as Voltaire, Einstein and quantum physics

  1. whynotsmile

    Yes, if you have no comments it means nobody likes you. Sad, but true.

    I never get comments. Now you have one though.

    Can I borrow The Gilmore Girls? And do you have Happy Gilmore? I feel I should watch them.

  2. Until tomorrow

    Hmm… I don’t think you need to worry til you start getting hate mail via comments, and then you can just delete anyway – happy days :-)!

  3. whynotsmile

    Thanks for the DVD!!! Watched it on Saturday – twice – hilarious!!!

    Will post it back to you asap, unless you’re gonna be in Belfast and want me to drop it into the office or something to be on the safe side…

  4. lilytodd

    Hey Ive just found you, debbie j here, remember me?
    Ill cyber stalk you from now on, I love this whole community. Forgive me for my own arrogant ranting, I just love the sound of my own fingers setting the keyboard alight!

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