Happiness is…

Happiness is a quiet beach on the evening of a rainy day that turned out sunny.

I was going to leave it there. A succinct summation of a moment’s contentment. A clever beginning to a series of blog posts.

But then as I walked on towards one of my favourite coffee shops, I encountered a little girl cycling alongside her parents as they strolled beside the beach. She was calling for their attention: “Look, look! He’s following me! The doggy is following me!” And sure enough, a dog was trotting contentedly alongside her bicycle. Her parents paid little attention. The little girl cried out again: “Look he’s still following!”

The mother seemed somewhat less than impressed.

“If he comes home with us, can I call him Rover?!”


That made me smile and I began to wonder if I could really leave ‘Happiness is…’ at that. It was only natural, then, that my over-inflated sense of the poetic should kick in and I merrily indulged in further musings about the nature of happiness.

I wondered whether sometimes we are ‘in the mood’ to be happy – in a certain frame of mind, ready to find pleasure in the tiniest of events. Relishing the feeling of cool, sunset sand between the toes; positively swooning at the sweet rhythm of the waves gently lapping the golden shore; chuckling with mirth over the childish delight of being followed by a doggy…

Then I inadvertently swallowed my chewing gum and noticed the coffee shop was closed.

So much for poetry.

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